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Energy rich feed concentrate that enhances overall improvement in condition

Cavalor® WholeGain is a complementary feed for horses – is an energy-rich feed concentrate for sport horses and breeding. It is based on extensive scientific research which has shown that the addition of specific fatty acids to the daily feed ration, such as omega 3 and omega 6, produces exceptionally good results. This leads to an optimal energy balance, which in turn contributes to uniform growth and increasingly good physical condition. This is manifested, for example, by an overall improvement in condition and greater staying power (due to a “glyco-sparing effect”), a shiny coat, better feed conversion (more energy out of fewer kilos of feed), less transpiration and a marked decrease in muscle stiffness and liver and digestive problems.

Cavalor® WholeGain is mainly used prior to competition in eventing, racing and endurance and for an optimal condition of sales horses.

stabilized rice bran / alfalfa pellets / puffed barley / flaxseed / toasted soybeans / puffed corn / canola oil / soybean oil / vitamin & mineral premix (calcium carbonate, wheat bran, monocalcium phosphate,sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, coconut oil vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, choline chloride, biotin, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, ferrous sulfate, ferrous oxide, copper sulfate, proteinated zinc, proteinated copper, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenium) / molasses / Yea-SaccTM yeast digestive supplement / Allzyme® SFF enzyme blend / inulin
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