product_image_blends_SuperforceCavalor® Superforce

Pure power, for explosive efforts

Cavalor® Superforce is a top-quality sports feed specifically designed for the very active competition horse performing explosive short efforts. To adequately perform short intense efforts the horse’s body primarily uses sugars derived from grains in its feed. The more grains, the more energy? Feeding grains must not be exaggerated or it may form too much lactic acid with the result of muscular and digestive problems. Cavalor® YEAST PLUS counteracts acidification in the large intestine.

Cavalor® Superforce contains a special selection of exclusive top-quality grains and an exceptional mix of omega-3 and omega- 6-fatty acids, in addition to amino acids and an extensive range of vitamins, minerals and easily absorbable trace elements. Furthermore, Cavalor® Superforce contains MUSCLE PLUS, designed to support muscle function.

 ♦ Prior to competition: Feed 20% Superforce + 80% of current feed

♦ During competition: Feed 80% Superforce + 20% of current feed

Oats / Puffed corn / Wheat pellet / Flax plant product / Soybean meal / Puffed barley / Copper sulfate / Ferrous sulfate / Zinc sulfate / Manganese sulfate / Calcium iodate / Sodium selenite / Selenium yeast / Cane molasses / Rolled fava beans dried / Ground corn / Alfalfa meal / Soybean oil / Spelt bran / Barley / Sunflower meal / Wheat / Brewer’s yeast / Monocalcium phosphate / Sodium chloride / Calcium carbonate / Sodium bicarbonate / Yea-Sacc® 1026 yeast digestive supplement / Propyl gallate
[antioxidant] / BHA [antioxidant]
 Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf)
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