Cavalor® Strucomix Senior

High-fiber feed to prepare your horse for a healthy old age

The efficiency of the digestive system as well as the quality of a horse’s teeth decrease as horses age. As a result, senior horses need special nutritional attention.

 Cavalor® Strucomix Senior is specially formulatedwith extruded grains for easy and efficient digestion and high-quality proteins (easily digestible and faster conversion into energy) as well as a high content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Cavalor® Strucomix Senior contains FIBER PLUS, an easily digestible sources of cellulose. Crude cellulose helps promote proper functioning of the digestive system. The high vitamin and, mineral content compensates for the reduced ingestion. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior also contains AIR FORCE, a balanced formula with garlic and herbal extracts designed to stimulate optimal blood circulation. The high content of copper, zinc and manganese optimally supports the joints, tendons and the entire bone structure. Cavalor® Strucomix

Senior is the feed that contains everything yourolder horses need for a healthy, beautiful and activeold age.

Barley flakes / Wheat product / Puffed barley / Puffed corn / Flax chaff / Wheat gluten meal / Barley / Spelt bran / Rolled fava beans / Micronised soybeans / Cane molasses / Flaxseed / Sunflower meal / Alfalfa / Calcium carbonate / Ferrous sulfate / Manganese sulfate / Calcium iodate / Copper sulfate / Zinc sulfate / Sodium selenite / Wheat / Soybean oil / Sodium chloride/ Ground corn /Yea-Sacc® 1026 yeast digestive supplement / Propyl gallate
[antioxidant] / Palm oil / Monocalcium phosphate
Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf)  
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