product_image_blends_originalCavalor® Strucomix Original

The high-fiber herbal mixture

Horses are originally prairie animals that primarily grazed all day on grasses and herbs. The equine digestive system is designed for daily grazing; as it is made up of a small stomach and a well-developed large intestine. Today’s horses are usually fed highly concentrated feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs which is quite the opposite from what their digestive systems are designed to ingest in nature.

 Cavalor® Strucomix Original is a complete maintenance feed containing all the natural raw materials a horse could have originally found in the wild while grazing. This complete feed contains FIBER PLUS, a mix consisting of different types of grass and alfalfa to ensure a balanced supply of crude cellulose, which stimulates the intestinal flora. YEAST PLUS and a wide-ranging herbal mixture that includes thyme, garlic, and oregano is also added to the mix. These herbs have a favorable effect on digestion, immunity and breathing. Cavalor® Strucomix Original can also be used as a replacement for roughage, in addition to concentrate, or as a supplement to concentrate and roughage so that your horse gets all the herbs desired.

Flax plant product / Wheat pellet / Barley / Alfalfa / Chicory pulp / Wheat / Cane molasses / Puffed wheat / Flaxseed meal / Pea flakes / Alfalfa stems / Soybean oil / Carrot pieces dried / Spelt bran / Herbs / Sodium chloride / Calcium carbonate / Sunflower meal / Palm oil / Yea-Sacc® 1026 yeast digestive supplement / Propyl gallate
[antioxidant] / BHA [antioxidant]
Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf)

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