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A well-earned reward after heavy exertion


After heavy exertion, horses need a light and easily digestible meal, not highly concentrated feed: Cavalor® Mash & Mix!

This feed contains heat-treated nutritional elements (mainly wheat bran and linseed), easily digestible high-quality raw materials, vegetables and herbs that stimulate digestion. Thanks to Cavalor® Mash & Mix, your horse replenishes lost fluids and electrolytes after heavy exertion. That is why Cavalor® Mash & Mix with MEGA ELECTROLYTE is a truly responsible reward after a heavy effort.

Cavalor® Mash & Mix is also a great warm meal for cold winter days as it is an easily digestible source of energy (diluted with hot water).

Barley flakes / Wheat bran / Flaxseed meal / Oats
[ground] / Puffed barley / Puffed corn / Cane molasses / Micronised soybeans / Rolled fava beans / Calcium carbonate / Carrot pieces / Leekstems / Sodium chloride / Copper sulfate / Ferrous sulfate / Zinc sulfate / Manganese sulfate / Calcium iodate / Cobalt carbonate / Sodium selenite / Fructooligosaccharides / Propyl gallate [antioxidant]
 Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf)  
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