product_image_blends_FiftyCavalor® Fifty-Fifty

The heart of Cavalor® feed, to which you can add grains

Cavalor® Fifty-Fifty contains the core nutritional components found in premium Cavalor® feeds such as Cavalor® Endurix, Cavalor® Perfomix and Cavalor® Superforce. Core nutritional components include: easily digestible extruded grains, highquality readily digestible proteins, high vitamin

content, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids. Cavalor® Fifty-Fifty, offers an easy way to increase the nutritional value of your current feeding program by giving you the option of mixing and matching this feed with your current feed and/or grains in order to produce a top-quality ration. Cavalor® Fifty-Fifty has been specifically designed for mixing and matching in order to provide a flexible base for your multifunctional stable (for example, a mixture of studs and horses in training).

Barley flakes / Wheat pellet / Corn grits / Puffed barley / Flax plant product / Soybeans / Barley / Puffed corn / Flaxseed / Cane molasses / Sunflower meal / Brewer’s dried yeast / Calciumcarbonate / Sodium chloride / Soybean oil / Wheat / Monocalcium phosphate / Wheat middlings / Fructooligosaccharides / Magnesium oxide / Coconut oil / Propyl gallate
Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf) 

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