product_image_blends_EndurixCavalor® Endurix

For horses needing endurance

Cavalor® Endurix is a feed for competition horses performing long, aerobic exercises such as long distance and endurance training (e.g. dressage, military, carriage-driving, endurance, etc.). Since these horses must deliver continuous efforts, not only do they need energy from grains, they also need long-term energy sources from good fats like vegetable oils and essential fatty acids.

To be effective, the fatty acids’ composition of the used fats is just as important as the fat content. Because of their sustained intensive efforts, these horses lose electrolytes (essential minerals) while sweating. And that loss needs to be compensated for. MEGA ELECTROLYTE ensures that your horse enters the competition with sufficient electrolyte reserves. Cavalor® Endurix contains MUSCLE PLUS, a sophisticated blend of vitamin E and selenium that contributes to strengthening the natural resistance and reduces the impact of oxidative stress.

Oats / Puffed wheat / Wheat pellet / Flax plant product / Puffed corn / Copper sulfate / Ferrous sulfate / Zinc sulfate / Manganese sulfate / Calcium iodate / Cobalt carbonate / Sodium selenite / Selenium yeast / Puffed barley / Soybean oil / Barley / Wheat /Sunflower meal / Alfalfa meal / Cane molasses / Soybean meal / Ground corn / Flaxseed meal / Wheat germs / Rolled fava beans / Sodium chloride /Brewer’s dried yeast / Spelt bran / Calcium carbonate / Fructooligosaccaharides / Monocalcium phosphate / Sodium bicarbonate / Palm oil / Propyl gallate
[antioxidant] / BHA [antioxidant]
Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf)
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