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Our mission is to bring the most up-to-date and effective nutritional information to the marketplace… Horse health starts with a healthy intestinal system.  Use this site to explore the concepts of Cavalor nutrition or to find simple tips on the best way to ensure your horse is healthy from the inside out.

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DO YOU KNOW WHY? While changes in management can also contribute to the higher incidence of colic as the weather gets colder, such as less time riding or less plentiful grass in pasture, there has long been known to a link between colic & cold weather changes. A possible reason for this is the dropping barometric pressure associated with most cold fronts. The more rapid & severe the drop, the more likely that the horse will experience gastrointestinal upset.

Stop ulcers before they start

-Preventing stomach ulcers-
As big and strong as our lovely equine companions may be, their performance and health is easily diminished due to minor malfunctions and diseases of the digestive tract.  Next to well-known problems of the hindgut, such as […]

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